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School Girls in Nangarhar Beaten boys who were causing harrassment

Often women and especially girls are portrayed as poor and helpless victims who keep begging their male relatives, the NGO people, the government, or even the International community for stopping Violence and Harassment against them. But the reality in many cases are far different. Not all women are helpless, they do take the courage to say NO! to violence and to ones who abuse them, such an act may be considered as a courageous act in many parts of the world, but in places -where just a few Kilometeres away a woman was shot dead ten days back because of her work- is beyond just courage, it is bravery and it is even more than that. Hence, it is our job to respect these girls and spread their inspiring story around the country to others as a model. And must say that knowing the families and communities in this city, I am confident these girls do have their fathers, brothers and majority of their city residents on their side.

Here is quick translations of the two girls’ words:

“We were so fed up, these boys were even making us consider leaving the school. This morning around 8:25am when we were walking towards the school, his car was again standing on the side. I had my other sister with me, I told her, you go on one side of the seat, I’ll go on the other side.”

“We had this plan since some days. We said, we should get this boy and hand him over to Qomandani [The Provincial Police Office]. When today we were coming, he was again standing on our way. We have taken him by ourselves and beaten him. We did so, because this boy was not stopping it.”

Thanks to 1TVNEWSAF for covering the story.


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