BBC’s 100 Women

I am honoured for being listed among one hundred women [#100women], a BBC World initiative. It is a great pleasure being amongst such distinguished group of women who are highly inspirational. 

Many friends have been so kind sending  congratulation messages, emails and tweets. Thank you ALL. While, I am very grateful and honoured to be part of this event, I would like to mention that we ALL share our parts in changing the world, a big majority for good and some sadly for bad too. Women all over the world and in all different walks of live have contributed in making the world a better and safer place. …we are surely not there yet, but soon and together we can all achieve it. 

I am often asked questions, by many especially international friends and colleagues on what is it that keeps me hopeful and gives me power and dedication to keep up my work. And in times, hard as I find this question to answer, I tell them the stories, events and things that happen are what makes many of us who we are and many of these events are true source of force and inspiration I get from them. These stories, events or things happening are not only about the  local and global recognition we receive for our work as women’s rights defenders and advocates for peace and justice, but it also is about the forces who keep on targeting women for the work they are doing. These forces wrongly believe that by threatening, humiliating or assassinating one or few of us, they will shut down the voices of women. They are dead wrong. At least I can say in Afghanistan, none of the positions of women who became martyrs and lost their noble lives serving in the public, remains vacant. Same is with girls and boys going to school who are targeted but still attending schools.  I am sure stories from rest of the world would not be any different. Hence, there is no way to see these voices for women’s rights, peace and justice be silenced. 

I am currently study about Afghanistan villages and rural communities and how interventions from international and national actors is influencing the power relations at local level. What I see in these communities is truly signs of hope and inspiration, despite enormous challenges. Yes, we are still far from reaching the goal of a sustaining peace and stability; we are indeed far from addressing the reconciliation and how to deal with the bitterness of the past (and in cases the present); we are indeed far from having a secure environment for women in public space and are facing enormous challenges with regards to corruption; impunity and so forth. But some one needs to start from somewhere. The struggle for women’s rights begun in Afghanistan around a hundred years back and it will surely continue for another century to come… Women and men particularly those who are dedicated to work for change will  continue their fight. There are voices risen for justice,  for women’s inclusion in peace processes; voices for women’s rights to education, political participation, protection of violence against women’s victims and all. We have a very long and challenging way to go, and my bad news for those who aim at stopping this momentum is: Sorry, This can’t be stopped! 


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  1. 1 Karin Ask
    October 25, 2013 at 1:23 pm

    Congratulations and best wishes for the work to realise a bright and better future for women in Afghanistan. Karin

    ________________________________ Fra: Orzalas Blog [comment-reply@wordpress.com] Sendt: 25. oktober 2013 00:56 Til: Karin Ask Emne: [New post] BBCs 100 Women

    orzala posted: “I am honoured for being listed among one hundred women [#100women], a BBC World initiative. It is a great pleasure being amongst such distinguished group of women who are highly inspirational. Many friends have been so kind sending congratulation message”

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