Forgotten Heroes: Afghan Women Leaders Killed in Impunity Ignored in Justice

I am shocked to start this day with another bad news from Afghanistan. This time it is again Laghman Province. The acting director of Ministry of Women’s Affairs was assassinated on her way to office. Perhaps when she woke up this morning, she would be thinking what to tell her colleagues about the Human Rights Day celebrated globally, unaware of the fact that she will not reach to her colleagues to speak about this.

The shame of such heinous acts in my view does not only go to the perpetuators only, as they have shown time and again that there is no respect for humanity; for Islam; for women; and for civilians who are not involved in the factional or combat actions. The shame also goes to those enjoying 4×4 bullet proof vehicles; army of bodyguards paid and fed from the national budget and senior governmental positions who do nothing but to spread even more shameful rumours around when a woman is killed tie it to personal dispute etc. Even larger part of the shame is going to the leadership of our supposedly elected government who got votes of trust from many of these women who put their life at risk on daily basis working for a better Afghanistan.

I am speechless to express my anger to the perpetuators  to the Afghan government and their failure to secure women in the public space despite Millions of funds under the name of women and women’s rights arriving into their accounts and I do not only call on them, but as we also stated this in our report, I’d like to call on AFGHAN PEOPLE to do the basics.

Together with an other Afghan colleague we have gathered profile of ten women leaders who were assassinated in the past years aiming to  show to Afghans and International Community as well as to their killers that who they have killed and how can this be justified?? The day to bring the prepetuators and those who kept silent or diverted these cases will come soon and at this stage, I can only assure, this call for justice will not die regardless of where Afghanistan will head.

Please read the full report here [http://wp.me/anjEw-2g] or at the Afghan Rights Monitor page: http://www.arm.org.af/home.html


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