A Call on Afghan committed Journalists

Yesterday an American newspaper published an article with hugely disturbing pictures from ANSF [Afghan National Security Forces] injured treatment in Sardar Dawood Khan Military Hospital in Kabul. The motivation for showing these pictures and publishing this report now, may have reasons which are locally relevant for American politics, but what about the actual story? The American public are perhaps rightly concerned because not all fundings that are Tax payer’s money is reaching to a place where it should. But where is the response from Afghanistan government? President Karzai and not only him, but every one of us are responsible for letting this happen. Who are these injured soldiers? Are they ‘Pakistani agents’!!? Are they foreigners that we tend to ‘hate’??! No. They are all Afghans, not only that they are Afghans, but they are the ones who do not relate or are a closed friends with anyone in power. Because for those who are relatives of the elite, they all make their ways to India and other countries for treatment, but a big majority of forces who decided to become a soldier after hearing all these fake patriotic speeches, they are motivated to join the army, they are either killed [with no one even there to count how many of them we have lost] or end up in this hospital where luck is the only way for their survival…

It is completely insane to see the ANSF  as the army of one man, the president or whoever on the top leadership, it is an Afghan Army, all those fighting and get killed or injured are Afghans fighting for Afghanistan.

As a civil society activist and as an Afghan, I have all my reservations and disagreements with the government’s actions and with ANSF’s performances, but I can not see the ordinary, ground forces, our Afghan youth are sentenced to gradual death in a hospital a few meters from the presidential palace!

I draw attention of all Afghan journalists to take lead in keeping account of your own army, how many are killed, injured or kidnapped, this way we at least stop them feeling that why should they fight for nothing, I know my brother, your brother or some others will not join the army to defend their country, that’s today’s reality but what about those who join for whatever motivation? Do we see them as simple Afghan youth who are ready to die for their country or do we see them as our enemies like to see them as contractors for foreign sponsors??  If international media is not bothered with Afghan forces, it is because they  have their own interest and priorities, but I find it very sad that our own Afghan journalists and media outlets are starting to act as foreign media when it comes to reporting of incidents, moving away from reflecting on the Afghan side of casualties and so on.

It is easy for all of us to set idol and predict what will happen in this or that year [You know what I mean, this fever of 2014], but you know that it is us, the Afghans who can let the country fall or keep surviving and rise as an independent country holding its international as well as regional recognition and place.


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