Who was the Afghan women leader assassinated two days ago?

Short biography of Mrs. Hanifa Safi, an Afghan woman leader who was assassinated on July 13th, 2012 in Laghman province:

Hanifa Safi D/o Abdul Aziz was born in 1961 in an intellectual family in Balkh’s Mazar-e-Sharif. She was graduated from Ajani high school of Samangan province in 1978. Mrs. Safi completed her graduate studies in Darulmalemin-e-Aali [Teacher Training] of Balkh province. She spent most of her life as a teacher and in 2004 she became the provincial director of Ministry of Education in Laghman province. Because of her continuous struggle for women’s rights, in 2005 she decided to run for provincial council elections, she stayed as a member of provincial council of Laghman province until the second round elections. In 2008, as result of a transparent competition for the post of directorate for ministry of women’s affairs provincial department, she won the post and continued to serve by defending the rights of women and supporting their access to justice, education and so on. Mrs. Safi and her husband were targeted for assassination on July 13, 2012, when they started to leave their house in Mehterlam city of Laghman province.

محترمه حنیفه صافی فرزند عبدالعزیز در سال 1340خورشیدی در یک خانواده روشنفکر در مزار شریف متولد شد. وی در سال 1358 از لیسه اجانی ملکی شهر سمنگان و در سال 1362 از دارالمعلمین عالی ولایت بلخ فارغ گردید. خانم صافی سال ها عمرش را در مکاتب به حیث معلم سپری کرد و در سال 1383 به حیث مدیر معارف ریاست امور زنان ولایت لغمان مقرر شد. در سال 1384 به نمایندگی شورای ولایتی لغمان رسید و فعالیت های خود را به دفاع از حقوق زنان متمرکز ساخت. در پی همین فعالیت های خانم صافی بود که در سال 1387 در رقابتی آزاد به حیث رییس امور زنان ولایت لغمان تقرر حاصل نمود و به فعالیتش در راستای دفاع از حقوق زنان به صورت جدی ادامه داد. در واقع خانم صافی، از جمله خانم هایی است که قربانی عدالت طلبی و حق خواهی گردیده است.


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