Flashbacks from the old days (1)

As I promise in this Blog, one of the things I will do is to post some flashbacks from the past, skip this if you are not interested in picturing how things were on this (or these) days ten years ago. I have sent this below message to various contacts who were eagerly waiting to hear and understand more how things where. Ironically this was written on what we know today as International Peace Day, but back in those days we did not know much about peace day…

“Dearest HAWCA friends, Greetings from Peshawar! We hope following updates are helpful for you. What we are trying to explain to you is just for your information, you may use these information in the media and your actions. What is happening here? Mostly in Pakistan, some are taking the name of Islam, and once again they misuse our respected religion. Yes, they believe: “the fight is between Osama and the US, Osama is a Muslim (no mater if he is terrorist or not) and the US is not, so we have to defend him, we have to defend Muslims comparing with Americans”…. This is almost what people (mostly unaware people of Pakistan are thinking)and Afghans aren’t agree with this at all, they mostly express their idea as a good proverb in our language which is something: “What you sow that you gain” which means America is receiving the result of its’ own faults.  All of Afghanistan people are feeling so sad to see that they are victims without having any mistake. That’s why in many cases there are arguments between Afghans and Pakistanis in the streets, shops, outside etc. The latest news from border says that they still don’t allow those who are not carrying their passports with them, but the illegal ways are open, some are arriving through the mountains, paying a large amount of money to human smugglers.(for one day all these ways were also closed). It has to be mentioned that by this way, only men and strong people can come, not mostly women and children. Inside the country, people are really worried, those with young girls are most afraid of assaults similar to ones experienced in the past. There are some witnesses saying that they are distributing arms to all men in the villages, and also they collect a man from each family for the “holly war”, this fact is very seriously worrying for all families inside the country, but as all their restrictions this is too something by force and no one can oppose it. Also, the recent restriction is: “The punishment for any one who supports the US and helps them in a way, is DEATH, they are equal to American for us.” Several numbers of people are trying to leave the major cities and go to the villages nearby, also all the families are collecting food stuff and getting ready for many days of curfew. Since all aid workers stop their humanitarian work inside Afghanistan, once again, the country comes under a very big alarming point due to famine, lack of food, medicine etc. The aid workers are just trying to be in the border, not inside the country.  Due to all these restrictions, for HAWCA is not possible to work inside the country for the moment except carrying out its routine literacy classes, but here in Pakistan, we are getting ready to arrange for some emergency help for the new arrivals, however, yet it is difficult to find where exactly all of them are staying, as they do not arrive in massive groups and are dispersed. Today, Friday due to a very big strike by religious parties here, all institutions remained close, so HAWCA activities were in holiday too.  But next days we will follow the normal routine. We hope to be able to keep you informed by the new changes, also we appreciate all your efforts in supporting us to help our people and to condemn the war in our country, war is simply not a solution and it rather furthers our suffering. Remember that PEOPAL ARE POWER, if you all get to gather and say something, the world community will have the ears to hear you! With love and respect to all of YOU, For HAWCA – Peshawar, Orzala.  21-September-2001”



1 Response to “Flashbacks from the old days (1)”

  1. 1 Gran Hewad
    November 29, 2011 at 7:48 am

    Thanks for writing and posting it. It’s a high humanetarian sense Afghans had the worst life during the conflict and specialy in Jalozai.
    Doing Phd require a full time research and hard work, so you would be busy. would like to see by chance if you had time I would like to share an idea with you. Waiting to see if you had time.

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