In search of truth leading to change…. blogging from Afghanistan

This is my third attempt to start a blog. I thought today was a good day to start with. Here is why:

I am so tired of too much talk on 9/11 and did not follow what the entire mass media are  trying to feed us with… and like all people who live on this planet, I too have a memory of that day ten years ago, perhaps not as attractive as many stories in the media are. I was in Spain and just a day before I received an award for recognition of my work on women and girl’s education in Afghanistan and Pakistan. So on this day as I was preparing to return back to Pakistan, (I could not come directly to Kabul by air) a friend has given me two cassettes and a book on how to learn Spanish. In my heart I made a decision that I will learn Spanish…. 9/11 happened… twin towers collapsed…as soon as airports were opened to fly, I took a flight back to Peshawar… I got so busy that only in May 2002 as I was moving permanently back to Kabul, I remembered about a commitment I’ve made to myself…. despite that, I still failed to learn Spanish as too much work and responsibilities did not let that happened… I really hope this time I will make a promise to be able to follow it and that it will not become like learning Spanish back in 2001…. Hence, this Blog will be a source of my memory flashbacks from the last 12 years + and also my thoughts on some of the current affairs related to Afghanistan and the region. As I am in the process of my Phd research, I would party put some of my findings forward for discussions and debate.


1 Response to “In search of truth leading to change…. blogging from Afghanistan”

  1. September 17, 2011 at 5:51 am

    Hey! Thanks for giving me the link to this blog. I love it so far 🙂 I like your reasons for why you chose to start a new blog on this particular day.

    Congrats for being recognized for your important work! May God bless you even more for all you do for those who need you! Thank you.

    Also, as a PhD student myself, I’m really interested in what your PhD research is on and what you’re studying. Would you like to share some information about that? I’d love to hear it.

    Keep working hard – we need you, just like we need each other.

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